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December 17, 2008

Let Us Not Forget The Reason For The Season

THE REASON FOR THE SEASON used to mean Jesus plain and simple. The babe in the manger, Santa, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, the star of Bethlehem, caroling, and decorations all part and parcel of the Holiday season. A season heightened by love and charity and goodwill towards all men. Christmas and Kwanzaa was my favorite time of year because of the intangibles that wrapped our family and our nation in Christmas music and cheerfulness. The spirit of giving that is the epitome of the season is losing its luster. We give things that matter little in place of values, traditions and memories that outlast the holidays.

I am bemused and amazed at the bounty of niceness and generosity that blankets the nation this time of year. Justifiable goodness is handed out heartily from corporations, businesses and individual contributions. The reason for the season is used to prime people to shop until they drop from Thanksgiving to New Years. Cheer, merriment and holiday festivities crowd our calendars and push our budgets to the limit. We participate willingly or not to over indulge our every human addiction from drink to food and shopping. Giddy from spiked punch, champagne, candies and finger foods from heaven, we toast every thing past and present. We spill over with mirth and happiness with no thought to save some for the morning after. The reason for the season and Jesus abruptly cut off on day one of January. The reason for the season lost under a pile of bill and regrets. Good-natured greetings are buried in the garbage dump along with wrapping paper and dried out trees. How could a season of light and love be extinguished so quickly? The reason for the season is hastily forgotten as we prepare for the next holiday our calendar bulging with things to do and to buy. STOP, STOP RIGHT NOW! Stop and take a breath and think about what you are doing this holiday season to bring goodwill to the world. Stop and look around your house, job and neighborhood and see that there is no shortage of things, stuff or gadgets. Look around and see where the true need is this holiday season. Walk or drive to your food bank and give groceries to those who hunger throughout the year, visit your local nursing home, hospital or jail to remember what the season is all about touching another beings heart or giving them a hug to remind them that they aren't alone. While decorating, remember the millions who live in darkness and light a candle and/or send a donation to brighten their lives this day. The reason for the season dear reader lives in each one of us and we do not need a holiday to remind us of what it is we should be doing everyday of our lives. We are our brothers and sisters keeper. We are the caretakers of the planet and the creatures that roam it. Let us honor it by recycling, conserving and protecting it.

In conclusion, as we celebrate this holiday season yet another year, let us commit to rekindling the joy of the season another way other than gift giving. This season give the gift that gives throughout the year give love, share what you have, remember our troops, and pray for our country and the world. Happy Holidays!!!

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