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May 29,2008

My Blog Intent

Million Man March

I represent one of the People who believe power must be given back to the people, power to make informed decisions about what happens to us, our families and the planet. The vote allowed consensus about all areas of our daily lives so that we might choose what we the people wanted in our government and it policies. That vote has been diluted, traded, bartered, betrayed and ignored by lobbyist and special interest groups. The neglect of all branches of our judicial and legislative government overseen by an arrogant President is rotting away this country. I believe that the power of the people can be restored by becoming better informed and taking an active role in changing what hinders the continued prosperity of all of our citizens.

I am one of the people who have always been involved in the political process. I served as an appointed governor’s intern, an activist during the civil and women’s right movements during the seventies up until this day. I have picketed, boycotted, stood-in and sat down with hundreds, thousands and millions of others across this country to insure equality and fairness. History confirms these methods came with loss of life but the victories won shape this country still.

What happened? When did the people’s vote and voice stop being represented in our local and national government? How did we the people lose sight of who we are and why we are? Our compass, which led us as a nation to be first in the world had a true north. Accuracy and neutrality allowed our differences to coexist and emerge into myriad of ideas and solutions. Our way to get to the same place was varied but our resolve to get there, as one American was not. Have we as Americans changed so much that the truth like God’s existence is to be challenged, questioned or declared dead? Are we satisfied to lie down in this season of discontent and accept the decline of our beloved nation? NO I think not.

I challenge you on this blog to become one the people empowered by objective information and facts moved to action. I believe that begins from the point of truth. There is no middle ground in truth, any emotion, conjecture or opinion.

I am committed that this blog will always be created with integrity. Integrity is the word that guided an entire generation to action and change. Integrity is the willingness to let the good in you be the statement of who you are and how you define yourself. Integrity is that essence that obligates us, to not only give the best for oneself, and in doing so, give the best to our fellow human-beings. One writer describes integrity as “speaking your impeccable word”. Integrity is described as the truth, honesty, honor, uprightness, moral, soundness, moral stature, principle, decency, sincerity, character, respect, self-respect, reliable, coherent, virtue, stature, straightforward and sound.

For the People, By the People is a site where you can trust you will always receive the facts so you can form your own decisions. Secondly, this site will share your views and insights on how you think we can solve common problems. Lastly there will be pro-active solutions and actions to ensure that words on this blog become a tangible power.

To insure a respectful discourse and prevent any censoring, please abide by the following parameters. No profanity, outward or implied threats, verbal abuse, name calling or hate mongering.

I am a new voice but not a lone voice. I am the voice of the people that recognize change for this nation can only come when we change it. The time is now and the place is here, so people, get off of your apathy and kick some attitude.

Comments and thoughts ... Email Patricia Statue of Liberty

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