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July 30, 2008

Berlin, Barack And Media Bimbos

Shame, embarrassment, anger and disgust are just a few of the words that come to my mind as I observe the media's continual negative and condescending reporting about Barack Obama. Once again I believe it comes back to inherent and ingrained racism. Every segment of American society is tainted by racism that provokes reasonably sane people to do insane things. The media is supposed to be a filter so we the viewer, listener or reader can make their own conclusions, but has seemingly decided that we are not intelligent enough to determine if Barack is who he says he is. I am skeptical and wary of the media because I observe them wielding their power to diminish ours. How is it that everything Barack Obama does or says is interpreted by a majority of white pundits as arrogant and presumptuous or too presidential? Why aren't John McCain's weekly radio addresses and his trips abroad determined to be too presidential? Why isn't McCain receiving the same scrutiny and judged by the same standards as Obama? Is McCain not black enough? The Berlin speech given by Barack Obama on July 25th should have given each of us a reason to be proud. An American son welcomed, embraced and celebrated in a foreign land yet treated as though he was one of their own. Instead of this being a good thing for the country and the world it has been twisted into a different event other than the one I viewed. I now have some indication as to why news coverage is colored when it comes to Obama. On July 28th the George Mason University and The Project for Excellence in Journalism revealed that even though Obama received a majority of news coverage in the pass six months over 77% of that coverage was negative. Seventy-seven percent! What is wrong with this picture? Could this much negative coverage be a co-incidence? I don't think so. You might not want to hear me say it, but it appears racism is once again stacking the deck to distort the truth. This has to stop, and it starts with each one of us saying NO. We must say NO to racism in our news, our courts and our schools. Say NO to racism in our politics and the coverage of our politics. NO, NO, NO! To begin having our NO heard in unison please listen to the Berlin speech. Determine if you feel the same pride that I did as 250,000 people waving American flags hailed an American son? Tell me if you felt hope and belief rise up in your mind and heart thought long ago dead to politics? Secondly hold the media accountable. Take the time to learn the truth and fight the smears. Write, call, e-mail, and let them know that false, misinterpreted and mean-spirited reporting will no longer be tolerated. To quote a young, gifted and black man whom I respect and admire, "This is our moment, the time is now and yes we can"

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