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December 31, 2008

Looking Back Into The Present

I am a firm believer that to looking behind slows ones progress in moving forward. There are exceptions to every rule and 2008 is that exception. There is no way to sum up the miraculous events that occurred this year if we don't take a step back and remember all of it, especially the current economic crisis and Presidential election. The economic crisis festered for the pass six years and came to a head in September 2008, and we will be feeling its effects well beyond 2008. It is part of the past that will haunt us on this day and many more to come. The past also manifested the hopes and dreams of freedom fighters to join with millions in the present that made it possible for Barack Obama to become the first African American President of the United States of America. The road to his success is also our success. What couldn't be done has been done, and that takes away ANY excuse anyone might have in their own life when it comes to believing and/or achieving dreams. 2008 surpassed my wildest imaginings of what America could be if we all united. Umoja, unity, the first principle of Kwanzaa celebrated December 26th was and is the key to the coming year. The slacker administration of Bush and his posse has left a mess of such proportions that it will take a unified country, congress, and agenda to put this country back on the road to prosperity and peace within and outside of our borders. The passing of the baton from George W. Bush to Barack Obama on January 20th will be the beginning of living in the present. It will be a new way and a new day. It is a cause for celebration throughout the world. Hope, honor, and possibilities replace regret. Good riddance. The daunting task that awaits the new president-elect to right our country in 2009 rides on the goodwill and support of the voters of 2008. It is imperative that we remember what Barack promised to do as president and that we hold him accountable. The past can only repeat itself if we don't learn from it. As we toast good-bye to 2008, remember the good and the bad. Let us move forward into 2009 knowing that the best is yet to come for our country and for us.

Peace to you all, from Patricia and web mistress Peg

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