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August 16 2010

ONE Times Millions Will Make The Change

I told my friend Irene yesterday that ONE person can make a difference. I'm sidelined because of personal tragedy and illness, but I have observed her tirelessly, relentlessly and determinedly stand up, speak up, rally, and sacrifice her privacy and time to voice the concerns that affect our children, educational institutions, environmental crisis, and the corruption that colors every level of our government and the corporations that rule the land. I have stood with her and been spat at, cursed, and even pushed, for expressing a differing political view. But the past week requires that I stand up for those words "ONE person can make a difference". I know ultimately that it is one times one times one that makes the difference. The power of ONE multiplied will determine the change the majority of Americans so desperately seek.

At 5:36 this morning I was wrenched out of my sleep sweating like a runaway slave. My idle pencil levitated towards me as I reached for it. This night I couldn't escape the face of the people in the nightmare that scared me from beneath my 1000 thread count sheets. It was my face that had fear in every area of the American dream. It was my face on the bodies that were being bullied in school, brutalized by police, surcharged by banks, utilities, corporations, that was under-educated, with little or no health care, and paying more money for less groceries as my wages shrank. It was my face that had lost my home, my face substituting water for milk and praying my children wouldn't notice there would be no cereal tomorrow. A nightmare with my face begging the government and media, purporting to represent me, to shut up and listen. My face and my ears burned as I tried to find a station, newspaper or any form of media that would report the facts. My face was wet from tears and sweat as I jerked upright from my bed. How much more of the endless drivel of talking heads and castrated news journalist's view points do we have to suffer before we are heard?

At 5:36 this morning I thanked God my dream was a nightmare, but for more than the 10% unemployed, and millions more underemployed, it is reality. I no longer have the luxury of leaving Irene to stand alone waiting for me to get well. So after my rude awakening, I am compelled now to speak to any media source courageous enough to understand that shoving biased, self serving, shallow statistical information disguised as news threatens your cushy life too. Have we become so hardened that we have forgotten that we are our brother's keeper, and what affects ONE of us affects the entire human race? We are tied together more now than ever because of technology.

I am awake and I am ONE of millions that you had better start to pay attention to as I multiply. So I am standing with Irene and the ONES all over this country who are sick and tired of the daily, hateful, vile, rhetoric morphing as news, and congress looking out for their interests before all else.

I am the ONE awakened this morning, who has a storyline that you must run for the good of us all. Stop standing on the sidelines while the country is being ravaged by greedy corporations, and the President of our country is defiled verbally and treated with flagrant disrespect by nit wits who want to be politicians, glorified journalists, and radio shock jocks. Do you have a clue what we look like to the rest of the world that we tend to think of as "less than we"? Hush and listen and you might feel the shame I do for us all. No one person, even the president, can make the changes Americans hunger for - but if for one day we tried to meet in the middle, we would be shocked by the progress. Hell, the president is even making progress while fighting a congressional body voted in by the people to help him pull us out of a recession and free fall in all areas of American life. Why not report the many things he has accomplished? Why not give him kudos and report the good he has done for our broken country the past eighteen months? What would be the harm in lifting him up and the country with him? Have we become a country that hides behind the two Cs, Constitution and Christianity? Knowing how to say and spell the words gives no one the right to lie, steal and misrepresent the American people and use the flag as a punctuation point. ONE is weary of it all. While you study, research, debate, and filibuster, our earth is languishing under oil spills, our rain forests are disappearing, the arctic ice is melting, and the erosion of our infrastructure dismissed as trash. Jails are being constructed faster then schools to house bodies for profit so corporate interest can continue to swell their coffers.

Listen up! The enemy isn't the immigrant, or people that don't look or act like Americans. The enemy is a journalist community and an ineffective government at every level that is taking care of their business and special interests while cherry picking what people they will represent. ONE is made up of all the people. I have had enough. I watch horrified and petrified as my country spirals down into something that resembles a cocktail of Iran, North Korea, drug cartels and the Taliban. Strong words, huh? Well read, tune in, or watch any source of media and you will get my drift.

The land of the free and the home of the brave used to mean open hearts and open borders, fair play and opportunity. It used to be the joy of dreaming to BE better and DO better for myself and my neighbor.

Angry, greedy, selfish,confused, burned out, self-righteous, self-centered,hardened, and burdened is the crossroads Americans stand at. We have little time to chose what we will leave our grandchildren. Today is the day and now is the time to be better than a sound byte.

Let's be ONE nation. I miss that America. Don't you?

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