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September 30, 2010

Did You Think Change Was Going To Be Easy?

How soon we've forgotten that less than 2 years ago America was drunk off of the prospect of electing the first black President of the United States of America. Less than two years ago, this country was mesmerized, excited, and elated at the thought that there was a new kid in town, and that business as usual in Congress and the White House would be replaced by hope and change. Have we forgotten that the new kid on the block, President Obama, cautioned that it wouldn't be easy and he couldn't do it alone? Now our collective attitude resembles a petulant child that has forgotten that change is contingent on participation from more than one man? Where is our gratitude for all that has been accomplished by President Obama in spite of the fact that our country is experiencing a recession, depression, and political and geographical warfare that has our country turned upside down and inside out.

STOP and remember how we got here and that it didn't happen in the past two years, and it will not be corrected in the coming two. If there must be blame, start with yourself. Where were you when tax breaks for the top 2% of the country were instituted, the Iraq war waged and over 4,000 of our men and women died in the name of greed? If there must be blame, look at yourself. If there is anger, look to an impotent Congress mired in self-righteous importance and the age old argument of who is right. Who gives a damn who is right? What I care about is who is taking care of the children, elderly, veterans, poor and heavy laden middle class of America. What do you care about? Political party affiliation, media rhetoric that seeks headlines instead of truth?

STOP and think about this simple idea. Does it matter what party, race or gender our government is composed of if truth, morals, and working for the good of all Americans isn't at the top of the agenda of the government that purports to represent us? I challenge you to imagine the following analogy; What if your household didn't follow a budget for 8 years, you borrowed for everything you bought, stole from your neighbors, vandalized and invaded their homes, killed their children and destroyed their property, drilled into the oceans and protected sites of the earth for your personal gain, and supported agencies put in place to protect you from poison food and medicine that just look the other way? What would you do when you finally realized the mayhem and destruction you had allowed to happen by watching it happen? When would you expect to clean up the mess - in a week, month, year? I don't think so.

So stop waiting for one man to clean up this nation's mess alone. Get up, stand up, and get busy helping make the change we so desperately need. Change isn't easy, and if you are not part of it by voting, supporting the few politicians that are working for you and calling out the legislators that make their living off of rhetoric and working for their special interests, we will continue to get what we have been getting. Nothing.

Get busy and be the change you seek.

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