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May 27,2011

I Stand Naked Before You. Do You See Me?

May 2011 delivered my motherlode. This May has gifted me the millions of moments required to cease the struggle of what to write since the inception of this blog.

Every month I tripped over what I wanted to share with you so that together we could share our highest and best selves, yearning to change our little world which in turn, changes the entire world. You see, we are ONE, there is no separation. No matter what race, gender, sex, culture, or nation, I believe there is common ground that calls each of us to be participants, not spectators.

Seventy-five percent of my postings were arduous laborious and difficult. Why? I didn't want to offend, hurt, judge or be the smartest in the class. I wanted my words to challenge and encourage you to pick up the mantle of who you are, and then be that. I wanted to reach out with my words and help us help each other find our calling, no matter what it is, and then be courageous enough to act on and live it. I know that changing ones self in turn changes the world. What words could I say that would let you give away the love you hoarded for yourself to anyone who needed it without fear that you wouldn't have any left for yourself? What could I say to you, and myself, that would water and nurture our souls? There is no right time other than this present moment.

I don't know about you, but I have been languishing from thirst while an infinite well inside me begs to be released to water the crop of who I am. I want the harvest that sustains my soul to offer a seat to anyone who needs nourishment while determining what their crop is and how go forth adding it to the universal garden that feeds us all. We are one there is no separation.

So today I decided to stop talking at you and talk to you. I decided to take a leap of faith and stand naked before you. From here forward I will not strain to say what sounds right, but instead I will say what is true for me. Maybe in that you will find something that will be true for you. I believe God will do what He/She has always done in my life which is guide, guard and govern me as I earnestly try to be the best manifestation of love, peace and joy that I can be.

I will end this posting by telling you that it has been a hell of a month. It is the second Mother's Day that my son Jumoke took his life and left this earth on his terms. My gift to myself this Mother's Day was to accept that and keep loving him because when I am with God I am with Jumoke. I believe that Jumoke came through me onto this earth to save my life and he left it so I would live my life. God, through that wonderful man child death, has given me a second chance to live out loud! I am grateful.

May 30th is Memorial Day. I salute my husband, who is a Veteran, and the millions more who decided to sacrifice so we could all feel safe enough to live our own. Do you realize what a gift that is? No Veteran has given his life or time without the families being affected and drafted into the service of our country too. The families of Veterans lived with the uncertainty of deployments that might have meant fatal injury or death, numerous moves, separations, missed births, graduations, and time they can never recapture. The Veterans did it because they loved our country and fought for all Americans to enjoy the freedom and liberty we take for granted. Their families did it for the same reason. I salute our Veterans and their families. Thank you for your service and for loving America. I am grateful, and pray that the love and respect people from around the world is felt in your heart, not only this Memorial May 30th, but everyday. Truly you are the best. I love you and honor the God in you.

May 25th, 2011 a remarkable woman manifested as Oprah said "see you later" after 25 years of showing up on our television screens. Throughout the years I have listened, learned, cried, and laughed until my belly hurt. Most of all I felt the connection of love through the screen that she so unselfishly shared. She shed who we thought she was, or wanted her to be.

Thank you Oprah. I see you and you are breathtakingly gorgeous. I see you and because of your unyielding willingness to love, love, love. I have found the courage this May 2011 to walk in my nakedness, stand in my truth, love all I can, and waste no more time doing anything less.

I welcome you to do the same for yourself. Stand naked so we can see you. I promise we will only see the love that you are.

From my heart to yours, Patricia. Comments and thoughts ... Email PatriciaStatue of Liberty

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