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February 24, 2012

Where Is The Love? The World Needs It Now!


This month, February, is full of days to celebrate and commemorate love. Love, pure with rapture, elation, euphoria, transporting us on a magic carpet of joy, bliss, and ecstasy. Love imprinting unforgettable memories on your soul, insuring that you are forever changed. Once love lights your life, you hunger for it all your life and that is the way it should be. LOVE links lovers, parents, siblings, friends and fellow beings across the planet. Love the gift that must be shared lest you rupture from the goodness that fills your heart.

Love can also be intertwined with the dark, low-down hiccup filled tearful pain that feels like someone snatched your breath away as you fight to gulp air. Love is the reason I believe we are here. Love the God of you, the good, glad, and glorious heart of you.

Let me describe love lest you haven’t tasted its sweetness. Love is like a day when so many good things happen to you that you can’t consciously process them all at once, if at all. Love is like licking your favorite ice cream cone watching it melt down your hand as you lick greedily and hurriedly from the top of the cone round and round, up and down not wanting to lose a drop; then the smell of funnel cake wafts up your nostrils lifting your feet off the ground as you run off in search of it because you want that funnel cake while it’s hot, and as soon as you spot it someone walks toward you with butter dripping down their chin as they crunch into the fat, juicy cob of corn on a stick. You finish off the cone with one foot in line for the funnel cake as you point at the corn, then the smell of ribs wallops your nostrils. I ask you, have you ever had a day like that? If you haven’t I can only tell you that if you keep living it could happen.

A day like that fills you with joy and covers you with stains and you don’t care if they come out of your favorite shirt or not. A day like that is jammed full of laughter, conversations and memories that you can recall whenever you like – especially on those sad, blue, feels like things won’t ever get better days. A day like that is the epitome of love. Love so good, elusive, satisfying and if it ends you have no regrets and your are grateful that it ever touched your life. Love so magical, healing, revealing, nurturing and life sustaining. So I ask you where is the love?

February celebrates Black History Month, Valentine Day, President’s Day, and Heart Disease Awareness Day. February the shortest month of the year with more day’s to celebrate and commemorate than most of us can squeeze in. February a month that calls out for love and celebratory rituals and recognition that remind us that love is not an individual endeavor, but love is to be shared if you really want to taste the sweetness of it. Love, to have, to hold, to give away, is to receive the gift of it. I ask you where is the love?

Love, don’t you know, has no face, race, gender or culture? I am speaking to you, America, a nation of professed Christians, and do-gooders, full of democratic principles that allow us to kill others to convince them that we know the only way. Where is the love?

My fellow citizens, where is love as we legislate women’s health care, judge people in the Middle East, and just watch television as babies, innocents and journalist die? How long will we allow our leaders to determine if children dying of hunger are ally or hostile? Where is the good in a nation that bitterly debates if our own citizens should eat or be educated? Why are we not tending the sick, housing the homeless or employing the jobless? Where is the love and the promise of a nation that once was a beacon of light? When did we let go of the goodness of a God we wave around like our tattered flag to relieve ourselves of any responsibility.

February is the time to celebrate a people called African Americans that help build this county on the currency of their backs. It’s the month to remind our citizens to attend to their health, to remember past presidents, one the father of our country (Washington), and the other ending the Civil War (Lincoln) that pitted Americans against one another. February is celebrating love with flowers, candy, cards, calls and date nights around the country. Where is that love we so openly talk about when we seem to have forgotten or care what love truly is? Love is not just to be talked about, love is to be lived. I ask you again, where is the love?

Where is the love for our planet that we are poisoning, destroying and murdering in the name of capitalism and money? This is the place where we live and mother earth is calling to us and warning us to pay attention. Daily thousands of species die, the ice cap melts as mega corporations use our natural resources to squash small farms, modify our food and we choke on the toxicity of it all. What good will that be for us, our grandchildren and generations to come if they have no food to eat, no water to drink or air to breathe?

February the month of love, remembrance, and recognition mired in politics and the egos of a small percentage of people we have allowed to run amuck. I am calling them out and I am calling you out. WAKE UP! If we don’t practice the love, give the love and be the love, then our demise is inevitable and the new world will look back on us with pity and scorn. I pray that unlike us, they will live love, because my fellow beings, it is the only reason we are here.

Please, give up the love, the world needs it right now!

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