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June 24, 2012

Do You Think He's Gonna Win?

Obama 2012

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”
Mark Twain

“You think he's going to win?” The young x-ray technicians eyes spoke to me louder than his words. His question belied the doubt I saw in his eyes. He obviously felt comfortable enough to ask my opinion since anyone who saw me, up close or far away, could not escape my admiration and support for President Obama. I swaggered head cocked in no particular angle as I modeled my Obama button laden sun hat. The band is covered with buttons of varying sizes and shapes pictorially sporting the President , First Lady Michelle and the children, Malia and Sasha. What an opportunity to impact a doubtful voter listening and looking for reassurance about our current Commander-In-Chief's re-election chances for November 2012. I had one moment as our eyes locked to squelch any doubt he had that President Obama will be re-elected in November 2012. I answered succinctly that he can only lose if we don't vote!

I felt his relief as I observed the doubt melt down his face and onto the floor.

There was nothing more to be said, and as I left that x-ray room I was renewed. I knew that I had a responsibility from that encounter until election day, to recruit, remind and get every registered voter from 18 to 118 to turn out like locusts and annihilate super-pac money, pathetic media reporting, and deny the Obama haters any opportunity to prevent our 44th President's second term.

I have much work to do. And so do you and anyone else who wants America to survive the onslaught of money dictating the politics of America. The Supreme Court's support of super-pacs, lazy, apathetic, biased, disrespectful journalists and editors, and radio talking heads do not get to determine who will be the next President or fill the chambers of congress in 2012. Who determines that? I do, you do, we do. All registered voters have the power, and if we don't participate across this nation by turning out the vote any better than in the recent 2012 primary elections, WE LOSE. We lose our country, and the sacrifices of the millions who marched, stood, and died for the rights of of us all! Our children, grandchildren and all future generations lose.

Once upon a November 4, 2008 a hope bought this country together to do the unthinkable - elect a man of color, a black man, as the President of Untied States. The celebration of this nations ability to judge a person by their character instead of their color was evident - and short lived. Even as President Obama and the First Lady danced surrounded by the giddiness of a nation hopeful that we had overcome the ugliness of our shameful history of hatred and discrimination, disgruntled men were already planning how to destroy the 44th President. There was no shame as the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that their main agenda was to insure President Obama would be a one term President. Those words were echoed by the Tea Party, the right wing media, and irresponsible hate mongering radio and television pitchmen.

Take a moment and ask yourself if there ever been a previous President who was so disrespected, attacked, lied about, and slandered? It's time to walk down memory lane for those of us who have amnesia about anything that happened before November 4, 2008. The banks were on the verge of collapse, our car industry was given up as dead, citizens were being thrown out of their homes because of Wall Street giant's useless documents that even they couldn't explain. What about the mortgage crisis, unemployment, the crumbling infrastructure of America's roads, highways and bridges? What about the lack of adequate health care for children and our veterans? Let's revisit previous blogs detailing Presidents accomplishments without Congress lifting one finger except the middle one; October 31, 2010, VOTE (Please), or September 30th 2010-Did You Think It Was Going To Be Easy? As an American I don't believe we have the luxury to proclaim ourselves as the greatest nation in the world as our actions directly or indirectly reflect otherwise. Let me spell it out for you. We are ignorant, biased and mislead to believe that capitalism and democracy is the right and only way. Our actions, laws, corporations and Congress prove otherwise.

Those of you who believe or say this President has not done a good job, please tell me why you believe that, and do you take into account the impotent Congress he inherited. And here is a good place to pause and look at the many accomplishments of his Presidency, in spite of the obstructionist Congress. Also take into account that NO President before him has been so flagrantly challenged daily on his policies, popularity, patriotism, and his birthright. The premise that he is not one of us is hurtful and reiterates my own lifelong experience as an Black American since the day I asked my mother why did I have to be better because I was black? For one wonderful day, November 4, 2008 I hoped that I would be proven wrong. Look, listen and observe. It's the same old hate on a different day.

I am beseeching YOU that if you want HOPE to stay alive, VOTE. If you believe there is a better America, VOTE. If you are willing to stand up for what is right, VOTE. President Obama is not a perfect man but he has tried to be a good President, sometimes without the support of his own party. He deserves a second term because what he offers is justice, fairness and compassion. Those aren't highly inflammatory words like capitalism, capital gains and privilege, but they are the only words that will save the ideals America proclaims to represent.

I will end this post by commenting why I began it with that Mark Twain quote. I thought it was the perfect analogy of how we have treated President Obama.

You Think He's Gonna Win? You Betcha!

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